The selection of a Corporate Uniform is challenging process. Safeman supplies and manages the Corporate Uniform requirements to most industries including Government, Corporate Organisations, Retail, Hospitality, mining, construction manufacturing. Whether your business is large or small, no matter where you work or the type of work the Safeman Corporate clothing solution will ensure your team will project a professional image for your organisation. Our range includes both men and women’s suits, business shirts, blouses, polo shirts, fleecy tops, knitwear, pants, jackets, coats, shorts and skirts. Our trusted brands include Biz Corporates, Biz Collection, Van Heusen, City Collection, Bisley, Winning Spirit and JB’s to name but a few. Our corporate clothing supply commitment is to assist in managing the entire process from selection of your clothing range, integrated on-line ordering, customised corporate embroidery, delivery to employees work location andgenerally simplify the process now and in the future.Contact Safeman now for a quick response to your corporate clothing requirements.