eCommerce PunchOut
Safeman offers a full PunchOut solution to corporate buyers of safety equipment, work and corporate wear.

The Safeman website is a fully Punch-out capable website, having the special ability to communicate directly with a buyer’s procurement system.
PunchOut is where buyers can purchase directly from Safeman using their own procurement application or hosted eProcurement system.  PunchOut streamlines the transaction cycle and reduces errors, procurement and administration costs. Procurement applications (e.g. Ariba, SciQuest, Coupa, SAP etc.) generally offer various methods of both receiving purchase orders and invoicing that may include email, fax, CXML, XML, EDI, X12, portal, etc.
As a buyer you will be able to move to a key once, fully paperless procurement solution. Major clients have estimated that a normal procure to payment transaction can cost up to $145 when they look at all of their input costs. With punch-out, these costs are reduced by more than two thirds.
How it works:
1.   A buyer, after authentication from within their ERP System views the catalogue on Safeman’s website, shops, and then transfers their shopping basket back to their procurement system.
2.   After approval, the order is placed electronically with Safeman through the buyer’s procurement system and a purchase order is sent back to Safeman.
3.  Safeman fulfils the order and creates an invoice/delivery docket that is sent back to the buyer.
4.  There is an option to add payment solution to completely close the paperless cycle.

To find out more about Safeman’s PunchOut capabilities, please contact us.