25 years’ experience in servicing diverse rail, transport and distribution, industrial, government, mining, construction and corporate sites across Australia.

Across the National branch network, we can tailor stock holdings based on our client’s requirements.

A Complete Service Solution

At Safeman Australia we understand the importance of prompt delivery of safety equipment and work apparel to your company. That is why we are committed to having the stock levels that will support a quick response supply model.

Safeman Australia not only recognizes the importance of being able to provide the correct technical advice, but also the importance of being able to deliver goods and services on time, every time.

Clothing Management System Offers:

  • Corporate Imaging and branding. 25 years of product design and technical expertise
  • Order Forms & Custom catalogues
  • Commitment to holding stock
  • Onsite fitting and measuring service
  • Pack by employee name service
  • Maintain Records
  • Garment sewing services
  • Guaranteed industry competitive pricing policy

Total Apparel Management System (TAMS)

  Are you looking to keep control and reduce your costs?

  Do you want to control the range and usage of your company's safety requirements?

  Do you want to improve productivity and efficiency in procurement and administration?

We have the solution...

TAMS is a fully integrated online ordering system that provides you with an easy to navigate, customized online catalogue specific for your safety workwear and PPE requirements. It also includes a full PunchOut capability to reduce your procurement and administration costs.

Tailored Catalogue

Your own easy to navigate, tailored online catalogue that is specific to your organization and employee requirements. This can define your safety range for your company.

Product Control

You can limit and control the products that are available for purchase in your organization and/or by your employees. Additionally multi-level approvals can be implemented for each order.

Order Tracking

Track the progress of current orders in ‘real-time’. Also review order history at any time.

Product Usage Reports

Product usage reports available for each location, employee and/or cost centre

Employee Access

Individual username and password controls.Only Company approved products specific to each employee are visible to that employee.

Exchange and Returns

Easy online exchange and returns are managed through the returns process.

What about my existing procurement system?

TAMS is highly adaptable and easy to integrate into your existing procurement software or system by using our PunchOut feature.